Fuck safety nets

Don’t have a safety net. If you do have a safety net, you’ll fall on it. If you don’t have a safety net, most probably you won’t fall, but if you do have one, you will.

01:59"A belief in positive outcomes requires a sort of trust and a surrendering of control. It isn’t about totally giving up control, but there is definitely a feeling of lightness and support that comes with a true belief in positivity. On the other hand, trying to control everything has a feeling of desperation and powerlessness about it, and it stems from an underlying negative mindset." — (via sohailien)

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Not eating crap food reeeeally pays off

Plan of attack for the near future


By the end of November 2013 I will be represented by Maxine who will straight away give me lots of acting work

I’m going to be a comedic actor on ABC or SBS by May 2014

I’m going to be a full time professional actor with a salary of $100,000 + by the ending of the financial year in June/July 2014

By November 2014 I will have reached success in acting to the point of being a highly in-demand actor nationally

By February 2015 I will live in a luxury apartment with Steve, overlooking the city

By April 2015 I will have reached success in acting to the point of being a highly in-demand actor internationally

I’ll be surrounded with Veblen goods and high profiled, highly successful and highly creative people that always inspire me



00:03"Figure out how to orchestrate your situation, your reality, and you will be happy no matter where you are/live"

To grow and succeed, to carve your name in the world, you have to first make yourself uncomfortable. This is why so many people never get close to reaching their potential, because the state of being comfortable is the enemy of radical progress.


Art is revealing human nature

23:59"I, human, am the most complex and beautiful design on the planet."
00:10"Welcome to the wonderful world of low-paying, menial office jobs where you will work thanklessly until you die, anonymous and alone." — Mara Wilson
21:06 DEM ABS. Perfect.

DEM ABS. Perfect.

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23:24 holy shit so true

holy shit so true


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